Terms and Conditions ​

Updated: 22, May 2021


  • Disclaimer

Service is our priority at Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell, so these terms and conditions are subject to change to accommodate each unique client. These terms and conditions apply to all offline and online agreements made with acckantoga.com/Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell unless agreed upon differently in a formally written and signed agreement between the parties involved.


  • Booking

Existing clients or prospecting clients are able to book an appointment/session with five different methods; via our website booking system, sending us an e-mail, by calling, via WhatsApp, at the physical location. Appointment dates and times are subject to change when communicated within a reasonable time. When making an appointment on our website acckantoga.com, the appointment is preliminary and is not final untill accepted by the office, upon which the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail and/or will be called. The general time limit to cancel an appointment is 24 hours in advance, however, this restriction is subject to change when reasonable reason is provided by the client. Upon cancellation request within the 24 hours prior to the actual appointment, Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell will determine if the situation is reasonable enough to be cancelled without a fine or fee to compensate for potential business loss. The fee for cancellation without notice is 10% of the original service booked, this will cover the costs of potential business loss, administration costs and research costs. When booking with us, you also agree with us saving your information as long as you do business with us so we are able to contact you, do administration, make the workflow more fluent and provide an optimal service experience to you, the client.


  • Purchasing acckantoga.com Online Services/Products

When purchasing our services online, you agree to the price being displayed and you understand the product (digital or physical) being exchanged, you have agreed that you have read the information provided about the service. If the service is not clear you have informed/called Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell and asked for clarification.


  • Online Video Consultations

We take the privacy of our clients and employees very seriously. When doing video consultations you agree to not record to session unless formally /signed/agreed upon in a written statement. We as Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell also agree to not record any sessions being made unless asked to do so and is agreed upon in an official signed written statement. Prepayment or a downpayment is necessary before participating in the online video call. Zoom is the online website/program/application to be used during the sessions to ensure fast and smooth video consultation sessions. Instructions to make sure you are ready for the video call will be sent via e-mail before the consultation starts.

  • Rates

To ensure the best customer experience possible, most of our services are tailor-made, which means that our rates/prices are tailor-made as well except stated otherwise on the website or in the office. The prices depend heavily on the workload, thus rates are final when formally agreed upon by all parties involved. Prices/rates are subject to change when the workload changes or services are altered to better accommodate the client.


  • Prepayments

Prepayments are allowed or required in some cases unless stated otherwise in a formally agreed upon contract by all parties. Prepayments are a requirement when purchasing digital services, subscriptions or physical products on the acckantoga.com website. Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell has the right to not conduct services or deliver products when prepayments have not been made when required.


  • Payments

There are different ways to make payments for​ Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell. You are able to pay at the office with cash when a debit card or credit card is not available to you. You are currently able to pay for online services with PayPal. You can also use online banking to directly pay us via your bank. Please have a look at our payments page to see the different ways you can transfer payment for our services. Payments should be made within the formally written agreed-upon term signed by all parties involved. If payment is not met within the agreed-upon, a beforehand agreed-upon fee above the normal agreed upon service price will be paid by the client, unless formally agreed upon otherwise.


  • Warranty

Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell believes that service is of utmost priority so will not stop untill the customer is happy and satisfied. The type of warranty is service-specific per client, thus the client must refer to the contract formulated and read the specific terms and conditions within the provided contract. By signing the contract you agree with the terms and conditions of the service/product warranty provided. For online subscriptions, online services, digital products or physical products purchased where expectations have not been met, 2 revisions within reasonable scenarios without costs will be provided. If both parties agree that the service or product is not complete within 2 revisions, solutions will be negotiated with meetings.


  • Liability/Accountability

When agreements cannot be met with Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell and client, the legal relationship will be then governed by Aruban law. If disputes are made, they shall be submitted to the Court of First Instance Aruba.


  • Force majeure

In case of force majeure (non-attributable shortcoming) situations, Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell shall have the right either to suspend the execution of the services to be provided or the products to be delivered for the duration of the impediment, or to cancel the service or order of product in its entirety or partially. In situations of force majeure Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell is not obliged to pay any compensations. This being said, Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell will do its utmost best to avoid force Majeure so that the client gets the optimal service required.


  • Affiliates Program

Non- clients, clients and influencers officially approved by Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell are the only participants that can become eligible for compensations or other benefits specified by Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell. Verified participants by Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell will only be compensated if all the required information of both parties is obtained and the referred client partakes in the company’s service for a minimum of 6 months consecutively. You cannot refer to a client and get compensated if the client is already in our database or already obtaining services from us. Multiple household members (people with the same home address) cannot refer the same client to get extra compensation. You only get compensated per client/company you provide to Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell through our Affiliate Program. As an Affiliate, you will earn 1 point for each client/company you referred that remains with Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell for at least 6 months or more. Each point represents AFL. 20 or $11 (we do not take the latest or current exchange rates into account unless differences become more than $0.50). These points can be immediately collected after the referred client reaches/surpasses 6 months. These points can be redeemed as single points are accumulated for either be redeemed as discounts for Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell services, our merchandise, food, activities/events organized by Accountants & Incaso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell or even cash via an online bank transfer. If an affiliate chooses to be redeemed in cash, only online bank transfer to a debit or credit is possible, we do not compensate affiliates in cash at any of our locations. In order to prevent abuse of the affiliate program, compensation will only be granted when the company or individual referred, has not recently left Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell as a client. There have to be at least 365 days between the moment a client has left Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell and being a newly referred client of Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell. You must be 18 years old or older to partake in this affiliate program.