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At Accountants & Incasso Kantoor O.G. Arrindell, we like to make things as easy as possible for our clients. Being informed and prepared can be a chaotic or stressful experience. So we decided to provide you with the most useful links, documents and forms you need during your entrepreneurial, business, personal and professional finance/accounting experience.

Getting started with your company

Just getting started? We help big and small companies get started, everyone has to start somewhere! Great information Brochure for when you want to start your own company on Aruba.

Properly registering your company

Great information to know all the places where you have to register your new company.

Employee statement 2021

Need to declare a new employee at your company? As a business owner, you are obliged to do this. Click on the picture to download the necessary form.

Declaration of tax behaviour

Online form to obtain your official tax behaviour declaration.

Income statement application

Online form to apply for your income statement.

Private person government number request

Online form to request your personal government number as a private person.

Departamento di impuesto login

Login into the online platform of the official tax department of Aruba.

How to sign-up | instruction videos for BOi Aruba

Here you will find different instruction videos on how to set up your account for the online tax department BOi (BO IMPUESTO) of Aruba so you can manage all of your tax necessities online. You can even download the app on your Android or Apple mobile phone.

Small business owner tax exemption

Online form for BBO, BAVP en BAZV exemption for companies with a revenue of maximum Afl. 84.000. Since January 1, 2021.

Taxes you have to pay a business

On this page, you will see all the taxes you could possibly pay as a company/business.

Quickbooks Intuit

From inventory and invoices to projects and people, QuickBooks organizes it all in one place. Make your life easier and efficient by using Quickbooks on your smartphone, desktop or laptop.

AOV/AWW & AZV premiums table 2021

In this document, you will find Premiums minimum and maximum limit rates.

Useful Overall Links

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